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Quality SEC Reporting Services for 10-Ks and 10-Qs

At HIGHBORN CPA, we specialize in the preparation and review of SEC reports, ensuring your company meets all regulatory requirements. Our experienced team helps you navigate the complexities of SEC compliance, ensuring accurate and timely filings.



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What We Offer:

  • We prepare and review your annual and quarterly reports, ensuring they comply with SEC regulations and provide a clear and accurate representation of your financial performance. This includes a detailed analysis of your financial statements, drafting management discussion and analysis (MD&A) sections, and coordinating with your internal teams and auditors to gather the necessary information. Our expertise ensures that your reports reflect your business's true financial health, helping to build trust with investors and stakeholders.

  • We manage the preparation and filing of Form 8-K to report significant events and corporate changes. Our team ensures timely and accurate disclosure to investors, covering a wide range of reportable events such as acquisitions, financial results, leadership changes, and other material events. We work closely with your legal and corporate communications teams to ensure consistency and compliance. Our proactive approach ensures that all significant developments are communicated effectively and promptly.

  • We assist in preparing proxy statements for shareholder meetings, ensuring all required information is accurately disclosed. This includes detailed information on executive compensation, board member nominations, shareholder proposals, and other critical matters. We ensure that your proxy statements are clear, comprehensive, and compliant with SEC regulations. Our meticulous approach helps you maintain transparency and build confidence among shareholders.

  • We ensure your financial statements and disclosures meet the detailed requirements of Regulation S-X and Regulation S-K. Our services include reviewing your financial disclosures, ensuring they provide comprehensive and accurate information, and advising on best practices to enhance transparency and investor confidence. We also assist in preparing footnotes and supplementary schedules that comply with SEC guidelines. Our thorough reviews help you avoid regulatory pitfalls and maintain high standards of financial reporting.

  • We provide XBRL tagging services to ensure your financial data is easily accessible and meets SEC requirements for electronic reporting. Our team ensures that your financial statements are accurately tagged, facilitating efficient data extraction and analysis by investors and regulators. We handle the entire XBRL process, from initial tagging to final submission, ensuring accuracy and compliance at every step. This not only helps you meet regulatory requirements but also enhances the usability and comparability of your financial data.





Our team, led by Colin Ghira, a former KPMG Audit Manager with extensive experience, ensures top-quality SEC reporting services. Colin's expertise in managing SOX functions and SEC reporting for major corporations guarantees your filings are accurate and compliant. We bring a deep understanding of SEC regulations and a commitment to excellence in financial reporting.



We see ourselves as your partners in the reporting process. Our proactive approach means we offer practical solutions and insights to address potential issues and enhance your reporting practices. We work closely with your team to ensure seamless integration of our services, providing support and guidance throughout the reporting cycle.



We are committed to being available whenever you need us, including during tight filing deadlines and unforeseen issues. You can rely on our prompt and responsive support. Whether you have last-minute changes or urgent questions, our team is always ready to assist, ensuring your reporting process is smooth and stress-free


Holistic Approach

Our comprehensive approach ensures all aspects of your SEC reporting are covered. We integrate financial reporting, compliance, and strategic planning to provide a complete solution that supports your company's regulatory requirements and growth objectives. By addressing every facet of your reporting needs, we help you achieve compliance while also enhancing your overall financial strategy.

  • What industries do you serve?
    We have a vast array of expertise and serve multiple industries, including, but not limited to: Real Estate, AEC, Energy, Manufacturing, Retail, Non-Profit, Franchises.
  • How do you support Business Owners?
    We provide a comprehensive suite of services, with the same team and familiar faces. We provide Bookkeeping, Tax Return Filing, Financial Statement Preparation, Tax Strategies, but also Business Registration, DBA, Compliance Filing, Virtual Mail & Office. You ask and we can provide or recommend someone who can provide better. Most times we advise you on additional services needed.
  • What is your process beginning to end?
    We complete the Bookkeeping for all your business on a monthly basis, which flow into your Tax Returns, which we file timely with the IRS. We then prepare and file your individual Tax Returns. Once we have a good understanding of all your affairs, we develop Tax Strategies to ensure minimum payment to Uncle Sam. We also advise you on the intricacies of these strategies. Usually, more aggressive strategies imply added risk, so we gauge your appetite for potential IRS audits, combining time and $ spent on compliance.


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