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Case Study – Bookkeeping Errors

Case Study: Transforming Financial Accuracy - Uncovering $500K in Errors for a $5M Revenue Company


A thriving company with approximately $5 million in revenues sought the expertise of Highborn CPA after facing challenges stemming from inaccurate financial records. Recognizing the critical need for precision in bookkeeping, the company engaged our services to rectify discrepancies left by a previous bookkeeper.


The existing financial records were marred by errors, totaling $500,000. These errors included non-reconciled bank statements, improperly posted journal entries, discrepancies in payroll amounts compared to records from Gusto W-2s and W-3s, and improper depreciation calculations. The challenge was not only to correct these errors but also to establish a robust system to prevent future discrepancies.


Highborn CPA approached the challenge with a meticulous and systematic plan. Our team conducted a comprehensive review of the company's financial records, identifying the root causes of the errors and devising a strategy to rectify them. The goal was not only to correct the immediate inaccuracies but also to implement best practices for ongoing financial accuracy.


Implementing rigorous bookkeeping practices, we systematically addressed each identified error. This included reconciling bank statements, rectifying journal entries, aligning payroll amounts with Gusto records, and ensuring accurate depreciation calculations. Our approach involved not just correction but also education, empowering the company with knowledge to maintain accurate financial records moving forward.


  1. Financial Accuracy Restored: Through our comprehensive review and corrections, Highborn CPA restored financial accuracy to the company's records. The $500,000 in errors were meticulously rectified, providing a clear and reliable financial foundation.

  2. Preventive Measures Implemented: Beyond correcting errors, our team implemented preventive measures to safeguard against future discrepancies. This involved streamlining bookkeeping processes, regular reconciliations, and training the company's internal team on best practices.

  3. Operational Efficiency Improved: The corrections not only enhanced financial accuracy but also improved operational efficiency. With reliable financial records, the company could make informed decisions, secure in the knowledge that their financial data was accurate and reflective of their true financial position.


Highborn CPA successfully transformed the financial landscape for the $5 million revenue company, uncovering and rectifying $500,000 in errors. This case highlights our commitment to not only correcting past mistakes but also implementing measures to prevent future discrepancies, ultimately fostering financial confidence and operational efficiency.

Contact Highborn CPA today to transform your financial accuracy and ensure a solid foundation for future growth.

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